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ZSI Energy Limited is a Nigerian owned oil and gas service company. Our primary focus is to employ our specialized technical expertise and motivate our team of professionals in contributing positively to the Nigerian Petroleum industry and West Africa in general. We are a powerhouse of technology, creativity and expertise. We possess unrivalled problem solving proficiency and acumen in the Petroleum industry.

The depth and variety of oil industry knowledge, experience and expertise available within ZSI Energy Limited and Principals lends credence to the earlier assertions. The company is led by a team of seasoned oil industry professionals with an excess of 30 years combined hands-on and top management experience in all phases of the upstream oil and gas industry in marine and logistics services, pipeline services, Civil Engineering works, information Technology, consultancy services (Environmental services, supply chain management, Research and development, clean and renewable energy etc) and procurement services. This is in addition to a wealth of experience and technology of our affiliates and technical partners.

ZSI Energy Limited aims to be a force and significant player across the entire value chain of the oil & gas industry in Nigeria specifically, and West Africa in general. We are poised to deliver solutions to our client's technical problems and provide project management services as needed. ZSI Energy Limited culture is one of focused, innovative and entrepreneurial management, which brings effective services to our customers, through communicative teamwork, combined with efficient business and information technology systems. We are duly registered with the various regulatory bodies in Nigeria including the Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and major oil companies operating in Nigeria.

“30 years of experiences in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry”

Our Vision

To develop a dynamic and successful company that provides innovative and quality service delivery in engineering & procurement services to clients in the Nigerian petroleum and energy industry.

Our Mission

To develop exceptional values to our clients in the areas of engineering, procurement, marine logistics, haulage, freight forwarding services, pipeline services and project management with regard to the environmental protection, health and safety Utilizing technology and local resources to the maximum thereby enhancing Nigerian Content development

Health Safety and Environment

The ZSI energy limited HSE policy is to manage all of our activities through a strategic Health, Safety and Environmental process founded on management commitment and accountability, safety and environmental standards, appropriate levels of training, a just system of dealing with issues, and a system of performance measurement.

The managers support this policy with the belief that all injuries are preventable, the environment can be protected, and damage or loss to property or equipment can be prevented. To achieve this, each manager, supervisor, and member of the workforce is responsible for meeting our HSE standards and will be held accountable for their individual performance, and the performance of those working under their supervision.

We abide by international HSE standards in business activities and corporate services on and off oil field service work. It is a necessity and common goal to work for a safe and healthy society. Life is all about balance. It is intricate and dynamic.

Quality Assurance

It is the policy of ZSI Energy Limited to conduct its business in such a manner that:
- Features and product’s characteristics and services are conform to customer’s requirements and fit the purpose for which they were meant
- Inspections and testing confirming products and service’s conformity as per requirements are carried out
- Plans, systematic actions and activities needed to set up confidence in products and services are put in place

We measure the results of our processes and the achievement of our aims. Following analysis and evaluation, control and / or corrective measures are implemented where necessary.